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Positioning Your Startup is Vital — Here’s How to Nail It
So what does a positioning statement look like?  The author explains a formula she learned from former Google Head of Marketing:

For (target customer)
Who (statement of need or opportunity),
(Product name) is a (product category)
That (statement of key benefit).
Unlike (competing alternative)
(Product name)(statement of primary differentiation).

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Top 13 Explainer Video Examples to Drive Sales (Updated for 2018)
A great explainer video will IMPACT conversions. Get inspired by 13 of the best explainer video examples on the web.

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5 Cheap Marketing Tools for Startups & Entrepreneurs

Want to close more deals? Here's 5 cheap marketing tools that’ll give you & your startup instant credibility & a great first impression with new customers.

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Get More Leads Using Data. It's One of Your Best Lead Generation Tools.

5 ways you can use customer data to get more leads and give your startup a competitive edge. See how lead generation tools like LeadSift can boost your sales by leveraging your competitors' own data.

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10 Step Guide to Get a Website Up and Running on The Cheap

Need a professional but affordable website? This guide breaks down everything you need to know about getting a website up and running without spending too much time and money. We demystify the process and cover all the tools and resources you need to get it done on the cheap - no matter your skill level.

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How to Pick the Best Accounting Software for Your Startup - Startup Stockpile

Here are the 5 things you need to consider when selecting accounting software for your new business. And how to make the research as painless as possible.

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100+ Blogging Tools For 2018, Categorized (+ Expert Tips)

Mega list of blogging tools categorized under category such as content marketing, content discovery, productivity & many more. Read it to discover new tool.

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14 Ways to Generate More Leads & Steal Leads from Your Competitors
Lead Generation is one of the biggest aspects of starting and growing your business. Without a consistent stream of new and interested prospects business will stagnate and spell doom for you and your company. But fear not, here are 14 simple yet effective ways you can generate more leads.
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7 Ways to Build Grit and Be Exceptional Every Day

Want to be exceptional at sales? Learn how to build grit, show up, and do the work every day.

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We Want to Promote Your Business on Our Happy Customer Page - Tell Us Your Story!
At UniTel Voice, we LOVE our customers and we want to help promote your business. We love featuring customers (like you) on our site, on our blogs, in our ebooks, and on social media. Why? Because showing off our happy customers makes us look good and it helps you generate buzz for your business. When you grow your business, we grow ours.
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